Investment Packages

We offer a wide variety of investment options and hope you will select an option to suit your demands. Your earning is depending from your investment plan and can be in 'Daily basis' or 'at the end of investment term'. If you choose Daily plans you will receive your profit every day (for 25 days), initial capital back at the end of investment term. For 'After' plans your principal amount will not be returned separately; you will receive both your profit and initial capital at the end of investment term (after 7 days). Choose for reliable and profitable investment opportunities!

EARN 6% Daily for 25 Days   110%-1000% after 7 Days    WITH US

6% Daily for 25 days

  • 150% Total Return
  • ฿0.0100000 - ฿ Unlimited

110%-1000% after 7days

  • 110%-1000% Total Return
  • ฿0.01000000 - ฿5.00000000

Affiliate commission

  • 3 Level commission
  • 7.00% - 2.00% - 1.00%

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